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Need a way to get students excited about physical activity?

Daily Fit Log is a free and unique web-based educational tool for students and teachers.

How does it work?

Daily Fit Log is an easy way for Health and Physical Education Teachers to help their students achieve healthy and active lifestyles.


  • Introduce students to various physical activity choices
  • Help students create personal fitness plans
  • Help students monitor their progress


  • Record their health information and set personal S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Log and track their daily physical activity
  • Take personal control of their physical activity habits

What are some other benefits of Daily Fit Log?

  • District-wide tracking of student health data and physical activity, easy maintenance of all health and fitness data for all students as they progress through their academic career.
  • Designed for grades K-12, DFL meets many state fitness standards and easily integrates into PE curriculums.
  • It's a free service, supported through third-party sponsorships and advertising, ensuring that schools and districts will always be able to use the DFL program for free!
  • 100% web-based service and can be accessed by students and teachers anywhere the internet is available.

Daily Fit Log has four different types of accounts available depending on your needs.


  • Record health data, log physical activity time, steps, and fitness testing scores.
  • Set goals and monitor progress through the use of the charting feature.
  • Receive announcements and download materials posted by teachers.


  • "View" access to their students' accounts, including student Health Data, Fit Log, Charts and Goals.
  • Ability to create "classes" for easier student organization.
  • Access to the Bulletin Board feature, which can be used to post text, assignments, or even instructional video clips to each individual class.

School Admin

  • Enjoy the same features as the teacher.
  • Create up to 1,000 student accounts at once using the student import feature.
  • Search and sort through health and fitness data for all students at the school and export the report to a Microsoft Excel-friendly format.
  • Create health and fitness reports for the school using the exported data in Microsoft Excel.

District Admin

  • Enjoy many of the same features as the teacher and school admin.
  • Transfer students to schools within the district, maintaining all health and fitness data as they progress in their academic career.
  • Create Schools for the District.
  • Run health and fitness reports for the entire district, similar to those created with a school admin account.

Here are some common questions we get at Daily Fit Log:

How can I access Daily Fit Log?

Daily Fit Log is a 100% web-based service. You and your students can access DFL anywhere you can access the internet. DFL privately hosts all the information and no installation of software is necessary on personal computers, school computers, or servers.

How much does Daily Fit Log cost initially? How much is charged per month/year?

Daily Fit Log is a 100% free service. It's free to sign-up and it's free for life.

If it's 100% free, how do you make any money?

Instead of charging budget-strapped schools, the site will contain advertisements and sponsorships of third party products and services that will be consistent with those displayed on other websites where access is generally offered to children. will continuously monitor all advertisements and sponsorships displayed on the site.

Which students can use Daily Fit Log?

Daily Fit Log was designed for students in grades K-12. The only requirement necessary to use the program is a basic understanding of the internet. As long as a student is able to browse the internet, they can use!

My students already use a paper Fit Log. How does your site help us?

By using, you're not only going green and saving paper waste but also seamlessly integrating technology into your health and PE curriculum. Through the use of DFL, you'll be educating your students on daily physical activity while also reinforcing 21st century technology literacy skills in the process.

How do I get started with my students? How can we sign-up?

Simple! Just Contact Us to request an activation code. Once you receive your code, you can begin the simple online registration process by entering your activation code on our registration page.

Does your program have the ability to align to state PE standards? was designed to be integrated into PE curriculums across the country and most certainly aligns with state standards. In fact, DFL meets so many fitness standards in some states that it can be used as a one- stop-shop for your school to meet state curriculum standards.

What are some benefits for the students?

There are multidimensional benefits for students who use Behaviorally, cognitively, and affectively students can benefit in the followings ways.

  • Behavioral
    Behavior modification research states the need for self monitoring and goal setting, both of which are available to students through the use of DFL.
  • Cognitive
    Cognitive understanding of exercise types, the amount of physical activity necessary, as well as the cognitive application of self assessment and strategically planning for change through the use of goal setting.
  • Affective
    Can see success through increased participation rather than increased fitness levels. As activity increases, student charts will grow.

We've used other software programs in the past. They always seem to have glitches and flaws. Usually the software is inaccessible more than I can mention and it's somewhat of a nightmare. How is Daily Fit Log different?'s vision is to be the most trusted education resource in health and physical education. We realize that cannot be accomplished without delivering the highest quality product possible and because we stand true to our vision we have put our site through a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure our product is operating flawlessly.

We have a large school/district. How can I manage such a large amount of students? was designed by a team of physical educators whose sole purpose was to create a non-time-consuming web-based resource to be utilized in fitness curriculums across the country. That goal led to the integration of a series of student management tools that enables teachers to minimize time spent on account creation and other administrative duties sometimes associated with the use of technology and focus on the education of their students.